These events are DEMOS.  Brandi will be demonstrating her methods and teachings with her horses or problem/unbroke horses.

On Friday night Brandi will be doing a Q and A in a demo format.  Come with your questions and Brandi will use her horses to demonstrate the answers.  This can be anything from ground work to riding.  From Problems to Performance.  Its an intimate night that you will feel like you finally have a clinician 100% listening to your problem and giving you a real answer!


On Saturday morning she will take an unbroke horse and will show you all her ground work fundamentals. The round pen method, how to desensitize correctly, the spook in place method, how to teach them to drive, the college level leading, the Brandi Lyons* BridleWork, the first saddling and how to put the first ride on.  She will do all of this and show you how you can do it in a safe and effective way.

In the afternoon she will work with a problem horse and show you how easy it can be to fix problems with any horse. We concentrate on problems but if we take the time to teach what we want from the horse then the problems go away.  Brandi will show you how to work with your horse on the active side of training.

On Sunday morning she will talk about fear and how to overcome it.  Fear is an epidemic in our industry and we need it to stop!  She herself had to overcome her own fear and wants to show you a true and true method of overcoming that fear.

She will then take the unbroke horse and do the second ride in the afternoon and show you how to start teaching all the fundamentals.


This weekend is a true display of what Brandi’s methods are and how good of a teacher she is!  Please come and join us!


Price for this is $45 a day.  If you pay for two days it will be a total of $80

Feb 10 - Feb 12, 2017 Elverta, CA More Info