$20000 Max of 5 participants

****You can do this program if you are wanting to change your career and become a horse trainer or if you just want the knowledge of how to train your own horses you can do the program.  You will not have to take the tests and you will not go on as a certified trainer at the end.  



Brandi has always wanted to make an amazing team of trainers throughout the country where the goal of each trainer is to help owners feel better about their relationship with their horse. We want to encourage owners not discourage them from wanting to learn more and have fun with their horses.

“It has always been hard for people to make a 4 month commitment and come up with all 20k all at once. So I wanted to try to design something that makes it easier to allowing someone to achieve their dreams.” Brandi has 3 new programs that she is doing at her facility in AZ. The Fear program, the Accelerated program and the Performance Program. In order to become Level 1 Certified you would go through the Accelerated Program and the Performance Program. You do not have to go through it all at once. You can choose what works best for you and when you can do them. After you do both programs you then would also come and go through the Fear Program so that you learn how to teach it and work with people and their horses.

When you go through the Accelerated Program you will take an unbroke horse through. You will still learn how to take a horse from beginning to end. You will learn how to:

  • to communicate with your horse.
  • all the round pen work, desensitizing work and ground manners
  • all the liberty work and tricks including the lie down, the sit, the bow, the come to you and lunge around at liberty.
  • how the horse thinks and subsequently learns.
  • to control your seat and sit correctly and how to use your hands correctly.
  • to use your legs to cue the horse.
  • to walk, trot and lope your horse.
  • to pick up the correct lead and start working on lead changes.
  • to do a collected stop.
  • start the rollback and spin.
  • to haul a horse and how to take care of a horse you are hauling.
  • all the body control off your rein and your leg.
  • to trail ride safely.

At the end there is a written and hands on test. You will need to pass both tests in order to be graduated. This program is still a pass/fail system. Brandi has the right at anytime to fail you during or after the program. The idea behind this is that when you are a Brandi Lyons certified trainer you are a representation of Brandi. She wants to keep the program where everyone is having the same goals in mind…

  1. To provide an environment where owners feel welcomed, loved, and encouraged.
  2. To provide a positive approach to training our horses…asking yes questions that a horse can answer.
  3. To provide the same education through her exercises and the same step by step approach that Brandi has taught during the program.
  4. To be humble, approachable, kind, caring, ethical, and to do what we say we can and will do. To go the extra mile always to make the industry a better place.
  5. You can and are encouraged to learn from others in the industry and Brandi can even help you meet and get to know other well known trainers and clinicians.

Your next step would then be to go through the Performance Program which is designed to help the rider that wants to take their horsemanship to the next level.

Breaking down each discipline to maneuvers and then breaking down maneuvers into simple body positions is the key to understanding how far you and your horse can go. “This Program is the most fun and exciting program I have ever done! I get to take people to the next level and really open them up to showing them what their capabilities are and their horses.”

Program Details

This program runs for 4 weeks. You ride Monday thru Friday with reflection time over the weekend. You will ride 4-5 hours a day with some class time in the afternoon.

Topics covered:

  • Transitions… what is a transition, how to get them smooth without changing the body parts you don’t want to change, and how to do a collected speed transition.
  • Rollbacks… how to ride them, how to do them correctly without getting in your horses way, and how to add speed to them.
  • Stops… how to ride a stop, how to get your horse to stop correctly off the rein, off the “whoa” and off your seat.
  • Leads… how to pick them up correctly, counter canter, and on a straight line.
  • Flying Lead Changes… from the hip without anxiety.
  • Spins… how to begin in, how to ride it, how to add speed to it.
  • Diagonals… all the way to the half pass.
  • Shoulder In… teaching the horse to lead with his shoulder and begin straightness.
  • Hips In… engaging the hip to get impulsion and collection.
  • Circles… how to ride a circle, get your horse to stay on the circle without falling in or leaking.
  • Backing… in straight lines and in circles.
  • Side Passing… over obstacles without anxiety or stiffness or being over bent.
  • Speed Control… using your seat instead of your hands.
  • Directional Control… learning how to control your horses direction without using the horses face.
  • Straightness… for the horse and for you

The next step is to come and work with the Fear Program. You will come and be apart of the teaching process. Here you will learn how to work with riders and thier horses. Brandi will help you learn how to put on a good lesson, work with the fearful rider, and give group lessons.

At the end of completing all three stages you will then sit down and work out what kind of a trainer you should be, your strengths and your weaknesses. If you pass the program at that time you will be certified. She will help guide you how to build your business.

Sep 23 - Nov 13, 2020 Scottsdale, AZ More Info
Sep 23 - Jan 13, 2020 Virtual Program More Info