Certification Program

$20000 Max of 5 participants

I am determined to bring back what my dad started many years ago, to put the needs of horses and their owners above money and my own ego.

I am putting together a team of trainers throughout the country that want to help people with their struggle with their horses and want to make every horse they come into contact better.

I am instilling in my team of trainers the knowledge to help any “problem” out there but more importantly be able to make every horse a nice, quiet, soft and comfortable horse to ride.  In every discipline and at every level.

We want to make sure that every client feels comfortable with coming to our team no matter what their goals are or where they are at in their journey with their horse.

I am building a team of trainers that care about people, care about horses and love this industry.  If you are wanting to help horse owners, help horses and help change this industry then you should become apart of this team.  

I have 2 levels of Team Members.

Level One:  $20,000

This class is limited to 5 students.  Keeping class sizes small allows Brandi to work more one on one with each student allowing more quality time. It is Brandi’s goal is to offer an amazing environment here in Rio Verde, AZ. With beautiful weather, other students to work with and practice with, and extra horses to work with from the Horse Rescue, you will get a well rounded education. This is your chance to have  enormous opportunities open up to you for a completely new way of making a living.

The program is set up that the students work for one month, Monday to Friday with Brandi.  Then take a 2 week break.  This will allow trainers time to absorb all that they have been working on, work on their “homework” with their horses and time to clarify those things in their own mind that they’ll need to “perfect” in the final 3 weeks of the course.

The Topics That Will Be Covered but not limited to:

•Round Pen Work- understanding the first 20 steps

•Understanding the drive line

•Teaching the “come to you cue” and “turn and face you cue”

•Halter breaking without stress

•The first saddling

•The first 90 days of breaking out a horse

•Building the right attitude for a “willing partner”

•Working with the aggressive horse

•Fixing head shy horses and ear clipping without a fight

•Advanced level leading and building the “go forward cue’

•How to break a horse from pulling back and teaching to stand tied

•Trailer loading (learn 3 different ways to load a horse)

•Rope work and its’ importance to suppleness

•Handling the feet for the farrier

•Softening the shoulders and how to use shoulders to improve ground manners

•Controlling the speed of the inside shoulder

•Reverse arc circles and their importance

•Side-passing and diagonals made easy

•Elevating the shoulders through the withers

•Keeping the horse straight

•Starting the turnaround

•Controlling the speed of all gaits

•Engaging the hindquarters and using them to get the horse collected

•Building the straight stop and starting the slide

•Picking up the correct lead and simple changes made easy

•Controlling the emotions of both the horse and the rider

•Handling problems such as scary objects

•How to give the best lesson, you will work with actual clients to improve your teaching



In this program you are allowed to bring your own unbroke horse or Brandi can have one provided, you will still be responsible for the cost of the horse at the facility.  You will train this horse all the way through, Brandi recommends that you do bring your own because these horses have so much training by the time the program is over and you can recoup some of your costs.  (Talk to Brandi about this more in depth)

You will also bring one broke horse that you will work more on the finishing side of the training.  If you do not have one Brandi can provide a horse for you.  You will still be responsible for taking care of this horse as well.

Brandi will also be having you work on some horses at the local rescue so that you get a wide variety of horses and problems to help you better understand the material.   You will also learn to teach and give lessons and work one on one with real students and their horses.

This program is very well rounded and will teach you not only how to train horses, how to give a lesson, but also how to run a successful training business.


Brandi’s program is a pass/fail system…Brandi has the right to pass you as well as fail you at anytime during the program.  If you fail the program you will be responsible for the up to date training fee.  If you fail one month in then the program is prorated and you will be refunded the rest of  your money.  You will be responsible for all fees associated with your horses during that time as well.  If you pass you know that you worked hard and you have the character that she is looking for in her students. Brandi is building an elite team of trainers and we only want the best!

She is developing a team and wants members that are hard working and honest…those are the two most important qualities in passing.  With this team she hopes to really make a mark in this industry!



The second level of this Certification will be run in the same manner as the first program where each trainer will come for 2 weeks, then have 2 weeks off to digest all they have learned, and then return for the 2 weeks, have another break then return for the final 2 weeks before graduation. Once again, enrollment will be limited to 5 students to ensure complete attention from Brandi to each and every detail that each trainer deserves. This course will take the training to the next level of performance and will focus primarily on improving the level of finish work in both, horse and trainer.

The Topics That Will Be Covered:

•Refining shoulder work

•Building ribcage softness

•Collection made simple and understanding how to make a supple horse

•Perfecting diagonals

•Full pass and half pass

•Straightness in your stops

•Using shoulders for speed control and how to elevate the shoulders



•Counter Canter Work

•Speed Control

•Softer and more advanced hip work

•Engaging the hindquarters in more complex maneuvers

•Leads made easier

•Simple and flying lead changes

•Getting the hip involved in your stop

•Building your slide in relaxed steps

•Controlling the speed through the drive line

•Setting the pivot point in your spin

•Understanding and using the hip for speed in the spin

•Backing exercises to strengthen hindquarters

•How to use the back up in your training program

•Starting the cutting horse

•The importance of the riders’ collection and the horses’ collection

•How leg cues really work and understanding why they are so important

•Learning how to ride “active” rather than “reactive”

•How to start riding bridle less

•The importance of setting goals

•Business planning and finding your specialty niche

•Learning and understanding what business options are available

•Learning the art of consulting

•Improving your people skills

•How to teach others more effectively and with less conflict

•Marketing your website

•Perfecting your leadership skills

•Discovering how to speak in public confidently

•Gaining confidence in all areas of working with the public

•How to get involved in Expos around the country

•Conducting the perfect clinic

•How to contract clinics from beginning to end

•Acquiring sponsors and how to keep them


•Cost of this course is $10,000

Oct 21 - Nov 22, 2019 Scottsdale, AZ More Info