****You can do this program if you are wanting to change your career and become a horse trainer or if you just wanting the knowledge of how to train your own horses you can do the program.  


Brandi has always wanted to make an amazing team of trainers throughout the country where the goal of each trainer is to help owners feel better about their relationship with their horse.  We want to encourage owners, not discourage them, from wanting to learn more and have fun with their horses.  

You have two different opportunities to be certified by Brandi to become a Level 1 Certified Trainer.  The in person program or the virtual program and then coming to one of the immersion programs.  


Our Goals

The Goals of the program are to introduce the fundamentals of conditioned-response training philosophies and to improve participants’ personal training knowledge and riding skills.  We will also help you develop your leadership skills; utilize your personal strengths; and give you the tools necessary for you to start, grow, and promote your own equine-based business if you desire.  

Because of our extensive hands-on training, you will come away with a solid foundation that gives you the tools for most training situations.  And, should you find that something is a little beyond your current expertise, we are here.  Your time at our facility does not end with graduation.  It is a continuing relationship we hope you will continue to take advantage of through more programs and continued education. 


The Brandi Lyons No Limits Horsemanship Certification Program is designed to teach a conditioned-response foundational training program to anyone interested in more knowledge, understanding, and expertise in working with horses, either on a personal or professional level.  Personally you will develop a more cohesive relationship with your horse and the knowledge to work through any situation; professionally you will acquire the skills to increase your income potential and reputation.

The Program is a step above anything you may have experienced in the past.  The solid foundation the program gives you will allow you to develop your personal talents, strengths and training style.  Each individual participating in the program will come away with the tools necessary for success.  The format of the program evolves to include progressive training methods, yet has the foundation necessary to give you a broad base on which to stand and grow.  Each training session focuses on learning safely from your current point to the next level in your development.

The Program will give you leadership skills and the ability to set up your own clinics and hone advertising and marketing skills.  The close working relationship among students creates strong friendships and works toward teaching interactions with clients, business associates and others in the equine field.  After completion, if the student passes the course they are Brandi Lyons Certified Trainers who will understand how to structure clinics and demonstrations as well as teach owners, and train horses.

Certification participants range from novice riders looking for a better understanding of their horsemanship and riding skills to already established professional trainers seeking to take their professionalism to the next level. 

Continuing education is encouraged.  You will have unlimited opportunity to gain new insights and information through watching others as well as refreshing and renewing what you learned during your own class time. 

After graduation, students can also advance their presentation and training skills by assisting Brandi at Expos, during clinics, you will need to be invited by Brandi, but she will make these possible for those of you that are interested in these situations.  This experience will help you create contacts; increase your clientele; gain behind the scenes working knowledge in client relations; learn how to handle unexpected glitches; overcome technical difficulties on the road; and so much more. 

We are only successful if you are successful!  We measure our success by how well we’ve been able to teach you and how far you go.  We work fiercely to present you with every opportunity to shine.  Our philosophy revolves around positive training measures and feedback.  Sure, everyone has a learning curve, but we strive to make that curve a positive one, providing you with encouragement as you move forward, not discouragement if you are not perfect the very first time!  We are often asked for references from riders and owners looking for a trainer.  We have, and we will continue, to recommend our graduates.  We will happily share your contact information and skills with those who inquire.

Join us!  We are a growing family of individuals with the unique ability to make a difference.  we are always here through our website, email, private message, or Facebook page to help you with any problems, to brainstorm ideas, promote you as a trainer, and to offer encouragement and advice.  That’s what the LNH Certification Program is about…. a community dedicated to the welfare and training of riders and horses everywhere.  We are changing the world … one rider, one horse, no limits!

Brandi’s Philosophy:  

“Everyone should enjoy what they do. We only have a short time here; we might as well be having fun! There are plenty of people to help at all levels. Feeling good about helping others and enjoying our work; there is nothing better than the life of a TRAINER!”

Quick General Information

  • The In Person Certification Program is held in Rio Verde, Arizona at the No Limits Ranch.  Rio Verde is northeast of Scottsdale.  
  • 2 horses are required for the program, the same 2 horses must be used for the duration. If you are planning on becoming a trainer who takes in unbroke horses then one of the horses needs to be an unbroke horse, the other a horse broke to ride.  If you are not wanting to go on and become a trainer or work unbroke horses at the end of the program then you do not have to have an unbroke horse, however you will still need 2 horses.  You will have to go through all the steps as if the horse is unbroke so that you understand how to do the steps without the risk of an unbroke.   Brandi has horses available to lease for international students.
  • The class size is limited to 5 students.
  • Cost of the Program is $20,000 to participate in the in person class in Rio Verde.
  • You are responsible for the health and care of your horses during the program.  You need to make sure you keep them sound and healthy as you work them through the program.    
  • Make sure you have your own:  Western and or English  Saddle, western and or english saddle pad, lariat, dressage whip, bridle with smooth snaffle, continuous rope rein, brushes, fly spray, all grooming supplies, all bathing supplies, grain, hay, all your own supplements, etc. 
  • Students are 18 years old and over
  • For program:
    • Stalls are $400/month and include shavings. You will need to provide your own hay.
    • You are responsible for the health, care, feeding, and cleaning of stalls during your stay.
    • Traveling expenses, lodging, and food are the responsibility of the participant.
    • Typical class hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm with an hour lunch break. Hours will vary.
    • During your stay you will work with Brandi from Monday through Friday. 
    • Make sure you have your own:  Western Saddle, western saddle pad, lariat, dressage whip. bridle with smooth snaffle, continuous rope rein, brushes, fly spray, all grooming supplies, all bathing supplies, grain, hay, all your own supplements, etc. 
    • There is a tack and feed store near by if you forget anything.  
    • If you are coming in a Camper or RV, you are welcome to stay at the facility during the course and during the break.   Costs are $10/night and include electric and water hook ups.  We only have 3 camp sites, let us know right away if you want one of them.  It will be first come.  
    • If you would prefer to stay in a hotel/motel, a list of local accommodations will be provided.
      • Rio Verde Townhouse (more than one bedroom’s… you could work with other students to get the price better.)  This is thru KAYAK or Priceline
      • Rio Verde Golf Casita (2 bedroom avg. $113 a night)  This is thru KAYAK or or Priceline. 
      • Comfort Inn Fountain Hills/Scottsdale  480-837-5343

I know you will find our program courses challenging as well as fulfilling, and I look forward to having you join the team! By becoming an online Certified Trainer you’ll be a part of an elite team of trainers changing the way horse owners teach and ride.

Covered Topics:

  • Round Pen Work- understanding the first 20 steps
  • Understanding the drive line
  • The first saddling
  • The first 90 days of breaking out a horse
  • Building the right attitude for a “willing partner”
  • Fixing head shy horses and ear clipping without a fight
  • Trailer loading
  • Ground Driving 
  • Handling the feet for the farrier
  • Spook in Place
  • Mark Training 
  • Desensitizing
  • Liberty Work… Teaching the “come to you cue” and “turn and face you cue” and lunging around you at liberty.
  • Softening the shoulders and how to use shoulders to improve ground manners
  • Problem Solving on the Ground
  • Fundamentals 
  • Body Control off the rein and off the leg 
  • Transitions and their importance
  • Lope work, getting the head set, speed, direction and impulsion.
  • Reverse arc circles and their importance
  • Side-passing and diagonals made easy
  • Elevating the shoulders through the withers
  • Keeping the horse straight
  • Starting the turnaround
  • Controlling the speed of all gaits
  • Disengagement and hip work
  • Directional Control
  • Speed Control
  • Engaging the hindquarters and using them to get the horse collected
  • Building the stop
  • Picking up the correct lead and simple changes made easy
  • Controlling the emotions of both the horse and the rider
  • Handling problems
  • Obstacles
  • Tricks
  • How to give the best lesson.  
  • Business Mentoring ie setting up website, social media, how to price your training, advertising and so on.   
Jun 7 - Aug 27, 2021 VIRTUAL PROGRAM More Info