Fear Program

$4500 Max of 12 participants

This does not cover stall fees and living costs.

When I was 21 years old I had been training all ready and giving clinics. I thought I was pretty cool, being John Lyons daughter didn’t help with my confidence… I had a bit of an ego. I was asked from a client if I would be willing to come put the first ride on her warm blood. I arrived and he was pretty calm, seemed pretty easy and I was getting a flat rate of $60 to put the first ride on him. I became in a hurry and most that know me know I already hate doing ground work so that also made me skip steps. When I went to climb on him the first time I swung my leg over and asked him to take his first step and he began to buck. He went straight for the fence and as I came off I slammed into the rails. While I was down on the ground and could not move the owner went and called 911. Once I got to the hospital I remember them asking all the normal questions but they asked if I was pregnant. I said no but that they should check because I had been trying. It came back positive and that is how I found out that I was expecting my second daughter, Daisy. I also found out that I had broke 3 vertebrae and some ribs and I split my head open which needed to be stapled shut. I was released from the hospital and now it was time to find a OB. I had to go through 5 doctors until I found one that was willing to let me keep her. See I did so much damage to my back and had to have too many Cat Scans and MRI that they thought that I had too much radiation and needed to let go of the baby. I obviously did not ride during that pregnancy and once Daisy came I started training again. However what I didn’t know was that now I was terrified of breaking horses out. I had such a fear of that first ride and those first steps. It was such a trigger that I started doing ground work for months instead of hours. It became a pretty big detriment to my “job”.

Horse owners wanted me to get their horses broke out in 30-60 days not just put one ride on. I had to come up with something. I knew i had to overcome my fear. I started going through each horse and realized that if I taught certain things to a horse that I then would know that they would react to my cues over any of their fear. I figured out that I wasn’t afraid if I knew that I would react correctly in a bad situation and that the horse that I was working would react correctly in a bad situation. As long as I knew that then I would start to let go and be able to ride them again. I figured out that everyone that deals with fear is looking for the same. You are looking to know that you and your body will react correctly. You are looking to know that if you pick up your horses rein that they will respond and listen to you.

In my program that is what we work on… we work on knowing that even when you get afraid or a horse starts to do something bad that you respond correctly with your body. That your hands pick up correctly, that your body stays balanced and that you don’t squeeze your legs. You need to work with your horse enough that you know that if he gets spooked or anxious or mad that you can pick up the rein and he relaxes and gives his feet back to you and allows you to guide him through any situation. We do a step by step process to help you and your horse. You can and will overcome your fear just as I have!!

Feb 8 - Mar 5, 2021 Pima, Arizona More Info