Brandi Lyons carries on with the most trusted name in the horse industry. Over the last 22 years, she has become admired and respected by horse owners and enthusiasts from around the country.

Brandi’s success and popularity is based on a simple but seldom practiced philosophy her father pioneered decades ago: love and respect the riders first.  Second you need to be willing to think out side the box, work hard, be honest and have fun!  Then, success with the horses comes naturally.

Brandi will show you that with a some understanding and a little bit of work you can do anything with your horse.  The Lyons’ conditioned response training methods teach people how to work with their horses using gentle training methods, earning the horses respect while creating a safe and willing partner.  She is great at showing you a step by step approach to achieve any goal that you have!  Either in her clinics, through her DVD’s or with her Trainers Program she will show you that there are NO LIMITS to what you can do!

Monthly training to national clinics

Brandi worked as a trainer while raising her kids for 16 years.  For the past 4 years she has been working on the road giving her world renowned clinics to many all over the US and Canada.

“I have learned so much from the monthly training and I have such a new understanding of horse owners and their needs. It was the best thing I could have ever done for my teaching and clinics.”

“We are all very excited for Brandi to make a comeback to the clinician world. She has been missed by many. “She is by far one of the best teachers and cares more about her students than anyone I know.” Says her dad. “I am sure that Phoenix is going to miss a great trainer but the nation is getting a phenomenal clinician back!


Brandi up close

Brandi shares her life with her husband, JD, and their five beautiful daughters. Brandi loves hanging out with them, going to the dunes on the Razors, and playing volleyball with them. “We make a lot of dinners while I am home and simply hang out and play Mexican Train!  I love my girls and husband, they are all amazing people that I now get to call my friends!”