Horse training is like teaching a child to read; one letter at a time. You would not bombard a child with a ten-letter word right from the start, yet that is what often occurs with our horses. I like to teach each horse the “sounds” of each letter, or each body part. Teaching them how they can move each body part in each direction at each speed. Once the horse understands those then you can start putting two or three or more body parts together, making maneuvers such as spinning or flying lead changes – it is very much like teaching children to read. If you take your time and make sure they have a great foundation then training becomes easy.

Riding, or as I call it, ‘dancing’ with a horse can be made so easy and incredibly beautiful. Women do not want to be jerked around a dance floor, so I am pretty sure our horses don’t want to be jerked around the arena. There is a way to teach the horse what you want. There is a way to make this easier than you think. It simply becomes learning how and what you want from them. Most people just don’t know what to ask from their horses.

It is time for you to really understand what you can ask from your horse. I want to show you what you and your horse are capable of doing. It is amazing what you and your horse can achieve; there are no limits! Raise your expectations and lets ride!