My daughter, Charli was born normal. She was an incredibly happy baby. She crawled and started walking all on a normal schedule. I had already had two girls so I didn’t appreciate all the small milestones as I should have.

When she was around 18 months old she was sitting in her highchair singing a song, I left her with the babysitter for the day and went to work…that would be the last time she ever spoke a word. On the Friday before Mother’s day I received a phone call, my daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. This is a neurological disorder that when it onsets the brain arrests…it just stops. It stops sending signals properly. She would never talk again, she would never be potty trained, she would never hug me, she would never have her first kiss, never be married, never yell at me for not letting her go out… there is a lot of nevers.

I have been destroyed by Rett Syndrome however I was blessed from the Syndrome as well… Charli has taught me so much, mainly to be thankful, but also not to be so quick to judge, don’t be so quick to get mad, and slow down enjoy the small stuff.

Please look into Rett Syndrome, it is not a real well known syndrome and I would like to change that! I have taken her in for surgery and the anesthesiologist did not know what it was and had to go look on the internet to find out what drugs she could have. Not fun for a mother! So please learn about the Syndrome, give to the foundation to help find a cure (we are so close) and tell a friend. Please and thank you. Charli appreciates it.

My daughter, Daisy was diagnosed when she was 9 years old with diabetes. We were at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the nurse said to her that she was amazing because she was taking the news of having diabetes so well. Daisy looked at her and said, “oh this is nothing you should see what my sister has!” Best and most proud moment of my life, Daisy showed all of us that it can sometimes be worse so move on accept what has been dealt to you and learn and figure a way to live with it. That’s at least what she has taught me. Now I still feel unbelievable sad for Daisy and those… having to take the time to do everything that goes on with having the disease. She is incredible strong and courageous as well as many that have diabetes! I cannot imagine having to count every carb or when dinner arrives to have to wait to count the carbs then give the shot then finally get to eat, meanwhile everyone around you started 5 minutes earlier. To me that is hard. Or last night was her birthday party and as everyone dipped their fingers into the icing she could not. It is hard and the way she handles it needs to be applauded… so we walk…

We walk for her at the diabetes walks and we would love someday to see pictures of those of you walking for daisy at a diabetes walk near you. Thank you.

I met Sahika, the founder of the foundation, back in 2012. She is one of the most giving, amazing, brave, and wonderful woman. While she was battling cancer, being a Veteran, she had a organization that helped her. When she won that battle she decided she would take two important parts of her, horses and Veterans and First Responders, and give back.

We have the best country because of brave men and women who are willing to put their life on the line for our freedoms and our lives. Sometimes while they are doing this they get injured either physically or mentally and they need help. They need someone to reach out and say thank you. They need unconditional love… as we all already know the best way to feel unconditional love is from a horse.

Horses heal us, horses give and give and give. Sahika knew this and wanted to share…

The organization does EAP classes for those that need to just work through some of those feelings and the horses are incredibly helpful with the process. The organization also does therapy riding and they give back to those who have sacrificed so much for us, they have blind riders, men and women whom have lost limbs, and those that just need help from sitting in wheel chairs. Please read and give to this organization, I personally know that they use the money you give wither for the horses or for the men and women. They need more help so they can help more!