Exercise Startup Kit




Are you ready to have something to DO with your horse?

Are you tired of going to the arena and not knowing what to work on?

Do you need help with having a clear and concise exercise to go work on?

We are excited to present Brandi’s exercise manual!

It begins with the Startup Kit. It has nine laminated exercise sheets, 12 colored cones, and the binder. Each exercise is laid out with the setup, benefits, tips, suggested duration, and the how to. It is easy to understand and follow.The idea came about from all her lessons and clinics that she has given over the last 18 years to write down the exercises that have helped riders and horses with common problems and performance desires.  “These are my heart and soul exercises!  I have used them to help me fix horses, and I have used them to teach people to get connected with their horse.  Having something to focus on doing in the arena and working on specific tasks makes it easy to then become successful.” says Brandi.

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Weight 3.08 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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