Beyond the Bit Horse Training with Lindsey Patterson

Lindsey is an exceptional trainer that has been certified by Brandi Lyons during the 2015 class.  She has her own training business in Dubois, WY called Beyond The Bit Horse Training, where she specializes in starting horses and working with problem horses. She offers training to develop a basic foundation for trail riding, reining, ranch sorting and speed events. Lindsey has a natural talent working with horses and doesn’t fall short when working with people either.
“Lindsey is one of the best horse trainers I have come across in a long time.  She cares so much about the horse, but more importantly she heavily cares for their owners.  She is honest and incredibly hard working and if you take your horse to her or just go learn from her you will not be disappointed!” Says Brandi Lyons.  She offers lessons to people of all ages and disciplines. She will also be offering a number of clinics in the near future. For more information on Lindsey and the services she offers go to

Lindsey is one of two trainers that have gone through Levels 1 and 2 of Brandi’s Certification.  “She has the ability to do so much for horses and horse owners!” says Brandi.

Contact Lindsey and Beyond the Bit Horse Training at:


Phone: 603-489-9357


Address: PO Pox 458, Dubois, WY 82513

Specialized Areas

Starting Horses
Problem Horses
Performance Horses
Trail Riding

Dana De Frates

Dana is a gifted and natural teacher with a degree in education, who spent years designing and delivering training for the corporate world. Even though Dana had been riding all her life, and started competing in 4-H and Hunter/Jumper while still in preschool, some very pushy people at boarding facilities damaged her confidence. She found comfort in the process of classical dressage, which she studied for over a decade, until a couple traumatic events left her with fear. Determined to regain her passion for riding, Dana found Brandi and worked tirelessly to rebuild her confidence, and when she did, made it her mission to help others who faced similar challenges by becoming a Brand Lyons Certified Trainer. She is now bringing her corporate education experience to the horse world helping people change their relationships with their horses.

Specialized Areas

Starting Horses
Tune ups
Accelerated Programs

Angela “Legs” Tanner Training and Horsemanship

“Angela is one of the best teachers I have met in a long time!  She will make you laugh and then will get you working through any obstacle that you have put in front of you.  She is kind, fun and motivating.  She helped me teach in all of my classes and was a favorite among all clients.  I highly recommend her if you are looking to become a better rider and communicator with your horse.  I also recommend sending any horse to her to start and to make into an all around great horse!” Says Brandi Lyons   Angela brings over 35yrs. of riding, over 15 yrs. working/ training horses and over 15yrs. teaching.  She has trained, rehabilitated, and ridden multiple horses to championships in the discipline of barrels, poles and various speed events, but don’t let that fool you, she can still break it down and take you on a great trail ride.  She has coached, mentored, trained and instructed several horses and their riders who have went out and won multiple championships in their chosen disciplines. In 2015 two of her current students won saddles, buckles, tack and checks. Six won checks, champion or reserve championships and tack. Many others have overcame their fears on the trail, in the arena or simply in everyday life while improving their riding and Horsemanship skills.

Angela follows her heart and always wants to share with you what is closest to it which is her Psychology degrees in Addiction and Recovery and  Christian Counseling from Liberty University and she currently is  a teacher for House of the Lord Christian Academy. She volunteers for many groups and organizations and along with her husband and kiddos they run Hooves of Mercy Community Outreach Ministry using horses to give hope, healing and restoration to the broken.

Angela is a Certified Brandi Lyons Trainer and a certified OK Corral Series-Faith-based Equine Specialist. She has also gone through EAGALA Untraining and CHA (Certified Horse Association) Instructor Certification in the
disciplines of western and English.

Contact info:
Angela “legs” Tanner Training and Horsemanship.
“A step above the rest”

(509) 671-7052
PO Box 116 Newport, WA 9915

Specialized Areas

Starting Horses
Problem Horses

Samantha Walker

Samantha trained with Brandi from 2007-2008, learning how to train a horse from beginning (ground work and starting horses) to finish (extremely well broke but training is never finished!). She has also been showing horses for 15 years now, with national titles in reining, trail, western pleasure and jumping. She manages Samantha Walker Performance Horses where she instructs youth and adults in showing from the beginning to the national level, and she and her husband train performance horses.

Hayley Roberts

Hayley is training and giving lessons out of Godalming, Surrey England. Her contact information is She went through Brandi’s program back in 2010, and lived with Brandi for 18 months.

“Hayley is a great girl, hard worker and incredibly honest. I highly recommend her to help you in your journey to having a better relationship with your horse.” – Brandi

Specialized Areas

  • Lessons
  • Training
  • Breaking out young horses
  • Trick Training

Debbie Erlinger


Debbie Erlinger is a helper of people with their horses. She started working with Brandi to overcome her fear. She was starting to have fun with her horses, and wanted to do more. “Watching people struggle with what I once struggled with pushed me to want to help them. I wanted to show others that they too can overcome their fear, learn to communicate properly with their horse, and start having fun!”

She then helped Brandi with a one of her accelerated programs and then started teaching her own fear-based and horsemanship-based programs. “Debbie is an amazing person and an amazing teacher. I am so excited to have her a part of my team here in Arizona. I know that because she understands what others are going through and can relate to them, she is going to be the best teacher to help owners with their horses.”

You and your horse can go on to do anything you set your mind to! Debbie can help!

Specialized Areas

  • Accelerated programs
  • Fear based programs