Ranch Sorting

$1050 Max of 10 participants

These Clinics will teach you the incredible sport of Ranch Sorting.  Here is a game that anyone at any level can play and enjoy.  Brandi will show you how to gain the control that you need to be successful in the sorting pen.  She will teach you how to make sure your horse is not only unafraid of the cows but learns that he can love the sport as well.  Join her at these clinics and learn a fun way to enjoy your horse!

  • Learn excellent shoulder control for handling the gate
  • Learn how to do quick rollbacks and better stops
  • Learn how to go from a standstill to the lope… how to jump at the cow and turn it back
  • Learn how cows think and the best way to approach them
  • Learn all about your angles in turning the cow
  • Learn how to ride more with your legs and less rein


These clinics are incredibly helpful if you have loss confidence in you or your horse.  Taking your mind off of riding and allowing you to concentrate on the cow allows for your body to relax and have fun, before you know it you are doing things you never thought you could!!


If you need a horse and want to use one of Brandi’s she has a few available.  Please let her know right away, there is an additional charge of $250.