Performance Program

$7000 Max of 12 participants

The Performance Program is designed to help the rider that wants to take their horsemanship to the next level. You will be excited about what you and your horse can accomplish, give you goals to work towards and give your horse a job. It is time to see that there really are NO LIMITS.

Breaking down each discipline to maneuvers and then breaking down maneuvers into simple body positions is the key to understanding how far you and your horse can go. “This Program is the most fun and exciting program I have ever done! I get to take people to the next level and really open them up to showing them what their capabilities are and their horses.”

Program Details

This program runs for 4 weeks. You ride Monday thru Friday with reflection time over the weekend. You will ride 4-5 hours a day with some class time in the afternoon.

Topics covered:

  • Transitions… what is a transition, how to get them smooth without changing the body parts you don’t want to change, and how to do a collected speed transition.
  • Rollbacks… how to ride them, how to do them correctly without getting in your horses way, and how to add speed to them.
  • Stops… how to ride a stop, how to get your horse to stop correctly off the rein, off the “whoa” and off your seat.
  • Leads… how to pick them up correctly, counter canter, and on a straight line.
  • Flying Lead Changes… from the hip without anxiety.
  • Spins… how to begin in, how to ride it, how to add speed to it.
  • Diagonals… all the way to the half pass.
  • Shoulder In… teaching the horse to lead with his shoulder and begin straightness.
  • Hips In… engaging the hip to get impulsion and collection.
  • Circles… how to ride a circle, get your horse to stay on the circle without falling in or leaking.
  • Backing… in straight lines and in circles.
  • Side Passing… over obstacles without anxiety or stiffness or being over bent.
  • Speed Control… using your seat instead of your hands.
  • Directional Control… learning how to control your horses direction without using the horses face.
  • Straightness… for the horse and for you

Immersing yourself into the program is the key to being successful.  We tend to want to make major changes with our horse but we don’t have the time to make it happen.  For example it can take as much as 20 hours to teach a horse to do a nice lead change.  When you ride 3 days a week for an hour.  Which during those rides you work on lead changes for 15 min, so a total of 45 min a week.  It is going to take you 7 months to get a nice lead change.  That is why people get frustrated and feel like giving up.  Coming into this program and allow yourself to concentrate and to give your horse the time to get the hours in to get the body control that you need in order to learn these maneuvers and not be able to give the excuse of you cant work with your horse because you need to go to work, or make dinner, or clean the house… is the key to this program. It is the key to overcoming your fear.  Quit running from your fear and run towards it.  Push yourself to focus on you and your horse.  This will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.  Allowing you to spend time on you!

Realizing you can do more, you can achieve more, and you can have more fun!  That is the point of this program.  You will learn!

Jan 4 - Jan 29, 2021 Pima, Arizona More Info