Crooked Stirrups

Crooked Stirrups were designed to take all the pressure off your toes, ankles, knees, and hips. Do your toes go to sleep? Do you have to take your feet out of the stirrups and roll your ankles? Then you need this stirrup!!

IT IS THIS SIMPLE. No other stirrups, NONE, are made like CrookedStirrups® angled riding stirrups. All styles and sizes of Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups are carefully designed and tested for maximum balance, control and comfort using the Crooked Stirrups® secret. Crooked Stirrups® is a brand, not a style of stirrups. There are many imported knock-offs and attempted copies that are presented to look like they are Crooked Stirrups® products but they are not. The only way to receive the benefits of REAL Crooked Stirrups® angled riding stirrups is to make sure the stirrups you buy are REAL Crooked Stirrups®products. Get Real!

Proudly made in the USA

Go and look at a pair of your old stirrups. Does the place where you stand, the tread, have a lot more wear toward the outside than it does closer to the horse? Do your little toes go numb, your back ache, your legs hurt, and your knees get “wore out” when you ride, especially for an extended length of time? Get rid of all that and experience a stable base of support that will have you wondering how these stirrups could have been overlooked for so many years.

The Crooked Stirrups® Western Bell stirrups are known for reducing lost stirrups, increasing balance and controlling excessive movement in the saddle. Very popular with “Cutters” and “Reiners” who want a closer contact stirrup.

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