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What does your horse really know? Have you checked to make sure you can safely take off or put on a raincoat? Can your hose handle a tarp blowing in the wind? Does he understand what you mean when you pull on those reins? Can you ask your horse to walk with his head down and stay calm in every situation? Does your house plow into you, walk ahead of you, or lag behind you?

With this DVD, you will now have all your questions answered and see how to accomplish your goals with your horse. Brandi shows you a step by step approach to take your horse of any age or training back through all the ground work that you would use to break a horse out so that you can see if he or she has any holes in his training. It allows you a chance to start fresh and develop a strong bond and relationship with your horse on the ground. This is a complete Ground Training DVD, however, Brandi believes that as you spend this time making your horse a better horse on the ground, you can start to make the connection between ground skills and riding!

All of Brandi’s Ground Work will translate to making a better horse to ride. Brandi teaches you how to develop the horse you can’t wait to ride before ever climbing on.

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