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Brandi works with Paula showing her a step by step approach to developing a good line of communication between her and her horse. Brandi guides Paula through the process of Facing her fears, then showing her the best Educational exercises that she needs to become an Active rider.  By the end of this video, you’ll see Paula Restore her faith in both herself and her horse.              

Fear comes from so many places age, becoming a mother or father, job, being injured, or simply just becoming knowledgeable that these are horses, and sometimes accidents happen.  This video will help you to better communicate with your horse.  You’ll see how the horse will have a chance to learn about you and all of your cues.  And you’ll also learn how to make sure your horse is safe in every situation. 

Learn how to gain control from you horse on the ground, know that even if your horse gets emotional, you can keep them calm and yourself safe.

Learn how to Desensitize your horse to most objects so that you know how they will handle when they are afraid and how to help them overcome their fears, aiding in you overcoming yours.

Learn how to sit correctly so that you are sending good signals.

Learn how to control your horse’s speed so that they stay more comfortable helping you feel more balanced in the saddle.

Learn how to walk, trot, and lope your horse comfortably and safely using patterns that will keep you safe and under control.

Learn how you will go from arena to trail.

You can and will overcome your fears and realize that there are no limits for you and your horse. 

This is a downloadable zip file with mp4 videos. You will need to extract the files after download.


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