In this DVD, Brandi helps you to identify the various tools that you’ll need to communicate effectively with your horse.  Brandi uses the tool box analogy to demonstrate how to develop a collection of fundamentals. 

If you buy a screwdriver to build a bird house is that all that the screwdriver is good for?  No.  The screwdriver is just a tool as is disengaging hips or breaking at the poll or clockwork… these are tools that you need to develop. Once you develop these fundamentals you will then go on to learn how to use them to help you gain different maneuvers and use them to develop a strong relationship with your horse with clear communication. In this DVD Brandi will walk you through each one and will show you how to attain them with your horse. 

Using two horses at different stages in their training, Brandi first demonstrates the polished look on her finished horse, showing you what is possible, then guides an untrained horse through each exercise.  You will see how the horse struggles at first with the exercise, but then starts understanding what to do and begins to succeed with each fundamental.  As you watch the horse learn, you will see a stronger relationship build between Brandi and the mare. 

You will learn all of Brandi’s fundamentals that she uses in her exercise manual.

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