Master the Mounting Block




Brandi will teach you how to prevent “mounting struggles” at the beginning of every ride. Imagine a way to immediately get your horse to come to you, pick you up, and stand patiently while you get comfortable before walking off. 

The mounting block trick will help you “put your horse’s thinking cap on” at the start of every ride, just by following a simple routine. You will completely impress your friends or anyone watching as you stand on the mounting block send your horse a signal, and they side pass right up to you as if to say, “please ride me”.  It will knock everyone’s socks right off!  Everyone will be so impressed that they won’t even realize that you had “to get on by a mounting block”!  No need for ever feeling embarrassed about that again! 

“I love using a mounting block, not only is it better on my horses back but it is easier on me as well! With this trick I have never been looked down on, in fact just the opposite I have made many friends off this trick!” says Brandi.  This is a one hour long DVD but will only take you 30 min to teach to your horse!

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