Andre and Claudia Lugo

“Back in Dec. 2011 we rescued a quarter type Blood Bay mare. She was about 8-9 years old and was very difficult to handle. Right from the get go we had her delivered to Brandi Lyons for her reintroduction into society. She spent the next 3-4 months going through Brandi’s program. In May my wife Claudia started going over to Brandi’s to get acquainted with her. She spent several weeks riding her with Brandi. We got her back in Late May 2012. It was a very busy time for us so we handled her but did not get to riding her for 4-5 months after we got her home. After just a few times working with her and riding her she settled right down. Today this once very nervous and untrusting horse lets us freely handle her and Claudia loves to take her for rides. She trail rides with very little if any incidences.

We found the program with Brandi very rewarding and beneficial for both Tenille and Claudia. We highly recommend Brandi for both training and riding lessons. So much so we are looking forward to getting our two young grandkids into riding lessons with her this fall. They are 3 and 4 years old.”