Shawna Exposito

“So let me just start by saying that it doesn’t matter where you are at in your journey with your horse… day or 15 years, there is always more to learn. After buying several different horses over the years I finally bought a horse with decent training only to figure out that I had to understand how to ride that training. That is where Brandi came into the picture…I started taking lessons with her which really helped me in so many ways but it wasn’t until I signed up for her accelerated program that I realized that there really are no limits with your horse, only the ones that we place on ourselves. This program changed how I ride completely! I have learned so many different exercises to do with my horse that I no longer enter the arena aimlessly riding thinking ” I’m bored, what next.” This has changed my relationship with my horse in and out of the arena. Like many people I felt “safe” in the arena but out on the trail I felt nervous like I was riding as a passenger at his mercy! That has all changed, through Brandi’s program, not only do I have the skills to ride confidently in and out of the arena but my horse has become equally as confident. If your thinking to yourself….I don’t need to do this, think again! It will change everything!”