Two Week Foundation Program

$3000 Max of 6 participants

Brandi set up a curriculum to get all of her foundation.  Learn the Round Pen method and how to get your horse solid on the ground, then move onto driving and lunging and the beginning of liberty work.  As you progress you will start with the Bridle Work and then move on to the core fundamentals of riding.


Over the 2 weeks of learning you will develop a solid seat while building a safe and fun relationship with your horse.  It is set up that you get 5 days of training in a row, Monday thru Friday, with your weekends off. Your muscles will get the muscle memory it takes and you stop questioning yourself so much. “I absolutely 100% believe in this program. It is by far the best way to spend your money on education.” This is a course that will really get you to understand what you and your horse can really achieve.


Learn how:

  • to communicate with your horse
  • all the round pen work , desensitizing work and ground manners
  • how the horse thinks and subsequently learns
  • learn all of Brandi’s Bridle Work and its importance
  • all of the fundamentals and how they will help you in exercises
  • all the body control… attach a cue to each body part moving in each direction
    • specifically diagonals, leg yields, half pass, soften rib cage, move off your leg, turn on the hind quarters, turn on the forehand, and much much more…
  • to control your seat and sit correctly and how to use your hands correctly
  • to use your legs to cue the horse
  • to walk, trot and lope your horse

This course is something new and designed for those who want to learn it all fast! Don’t wait too long to make your reservation, only 6 riders accepted!!! This is also an individualized course that works with each person at their level pushing them farther than they ever thought they could go in their Horsemanship.

Jan 9 - Jan 20, 2023 Scottsdale, AZ More Info