Horsemanship Clinic

$850 Max of 14 participants

When you come to Brandi’s clinic you will be getting personalized attention the focus will be on your goals.  She is going to show you what you need in order to write your story.  What happens in most clinics is that you go and you learn what the clinician’s program is however in Brandi’s clinic you will learn what control exercises you are lacking to fulfill your goals.  If you are wanting to learn how to get your horse to stand still for mounting then she is going to show you the cues that your horse needs or is not listening to and then will work with you on getting that taught and finished.  However if your goal is to do a flying lead change but you can’t always pick up the correct lead then she is going to go through a series of loping exercises and shoulder control exercises that you need in order to be successful and by the end of the four days you will be able to not only get a flying lead change but understand all the mechanics.

The Brandi Lyons clinics are set up to only take a maximum of 10 riders and to make sure that all 10 riders and horses reach their goals!    The Horsemanship Clinics are based on a 4 day schedule.  Brandi has always felt that in a 3 day clinic you are just starting to get it by the 3rd day and 5 days just seems to be too long. Her 4 day program allows her riders to really get the most from the clinic. They begin at 9 am and go to 5 pm each day with a 1 hour lunch break.  If you are riding and need a break you at any time can take one.  She understands how hard this is on your bodies and wants you to be comfortable and successful.  This is your vacation she wants it to be a wonderful experience along with educational.

Her Clinics will be teaching you how to communicate effectively with your horse.  Learn how to put an amazing foundation of body control so that you can progress to doing any discipline at any level.  Here you will learn exactly what each body part does for you and how you can integrate those body parts to do any maneuver.  Learn to be safe and have the control you need to gain their respect and love.  Come and Learn to ride!

    • How to gain better control on the trail
    • You will learn how to get a slower more comfortable trot
    • How to handle the spooky horse in scary situations
    • You will learn to think about riding from the horses’ perspective
    • How to control your horses’ head, shoulders and hips from the saddle and from the ground
    • You’ll learn all about leads and lead changes… including from a walk right into the lope
    • You’ll learn how to ask the horse to back without throwing its’ head
    • You’ll learn about your body position… how to ride more balanced and controlled
    • How good and bad habits are formed
    • How to develop great circles at each speed
    • You’ll learn the foundation to get that great stop

And so much more!

Registering and Deposit: – Most clinics are $850 total.  Unless specified otherwise.  A deposit of $250 will be due to reserve your participation in the clinic. Payment for clinic participation or prepaid auditor tickets can be made via check to No Limits Horsemanship or call with your credit card or click on register and go through the PayPal to pay online.



Clinic Hours and Format: Clinic will begin Thursday at 9:00 AM with the philosophy discussion and continue with groundwork and evaluation of riding and where you and your horse are at.  We will take a 1 hour lunch break and end the clinic sometime around 5pm.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will start at 9 AM end at 5 PM with a 1 hour lunch break.



Bridle with snaffle bit and chin strap is recommended.  But bring what you normally ride in, keeping it consistent.  Loop reins are highly recommended.

  • A copy of a current Health Certificate and a copy of a current Negative Coggins test if coming from out of state.
  • Riding boots. Proper riding boots with a heel are required. No flip flops, tennis shoes or footwear other than approved riding boots will be allowed in the arena.
  • Well-fitting saddle and saddle pad with correctly sized girth.
  • A dressage whip.



If you have more questions and want to talk to someone please do not hesitate to call!  We would love to talk with you and help you understand how Brandi can help you!

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