Virtual Programs

Brandi has figured out a way that you can work with her from your own home!  On your own time!


There are 6 different programs to choose from.


*The Perfect Trail Horse


*Overall Training


*Bringing up My Yearling


All programs are brought to you by Facebook Social Learning Units.  You will need access to wifi and have your own Facebook page.  You will first be sent a notification accepting you to that page.  You will be accepted to two different pages.

One will be your discussion page and one will be your information page.  In the discussion page this is where you can ask questions regarding the videos, or send your own videos, where Brandi will evaluate them and go over them with you. You also will have the ability to talk with your fellow participants.

On the information page you will have what are called “Guides”.  In these you will start out with Lesson 1 and so on. In each guide you will have the video, the document that goes with the video and any helpful information that goes along with the video.  You will follow the step by step process to achieve your goals.  With each program you will get access to zoom calls where you will also have the chance to discuss the material with Brandi.


“I am so excited about these programs.  I never thought it was possible to teach this way and I have been so thrilled with the results already!  I am delighted with being able to be apart of your lives and see how I can help!” Brandi

Oct 4 - Feb 25, 2022 Certification More Info
Mar 1 - Dec 1, 2031 Fear More Info
May 3 - Dec 1, 2031 The Perfect Trail Horse More Info