Lindsey Patterson

I cannot thank Brandi enough for the impact she and her Certification program have made on my life. After working for a couple of horse trainers and not getting the knowledge and experience I desired, I decided to look into doing a Trainer Certification program. But who’s program should I choose?… I found there were lots of really good horse trainers and clinicians out there. After doing my research I was drawn to Brandi and her program the most. Brandi seemed less pretentious and more relatable in comparison to the others. After talking with her on the phone I was sold! Brandi was personable, understanding, and was open to taking students of all levels and disciplines.
Going through Brandi’s Cert program completely changed my life. The amount of knowledge gained as well as the hands-on experience with many different horses was absolutely incredible. Learning and understanding the Lyons’ Method from the ground up instilled a high degree of confidence that I could safely and effectively work with any kind of horse that crossed my path. The method makes sense and is extremely efficient while still focusing on the safety of the human and horse. Brandi’s care and compassion for both horse and student makes her an extremely effective teacher. She is easy to understand and beyond willing to go the extra mile in making sure her students reach their full potential. She always welcomed and answered the hundreds of questions that I came up with throughout the program and always seemed to amaze
me with her expertise.
I received the education I had been seeking (and more!) by going through Brandi’s program. The program allowed me to start my own business training horses (Beyond The Bit Horse Training) and further, set me up to be successful with my business. I live in a very small town where everything is spread by word of mouth… so I owe my great reputation as a horse trainer to Brandi and her Cert Program. Going through the program has led to my success in the horse industry.