Pam Brooks

“My name is Pam Brooks & I had the privilege of riding in several of Brandi’s clinics. I had been looking for someone to help me for a very long time. I had been to several other clinics with different trainers, watched many shows, ordered many training programs and also had many people/friends try to help me over the years. One of my biggest fears was to lope, I definitely had a confidence problem and was even thinking of not riding at all anymore which I have to tell you I LOVE MY HORSE so that would be unbelievable to any one who knows me. Most of the time I would find an excuse to do something else instead of ride because of the fear which is crazy because I am not a scared person and love to do all kinds of things. My husband actually contacted Brandi and talked to her because he knows how much I wanted to ride and be a confident rider I just somehow let fear get the best of me. We went and met with Brandi and talked and I decided to sign up for her performance clinic thinking that I really needed to give it a try! BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!!!!!! I was so very nervous, but after about the first hour or so of that first clinic I was having so much fun and feeling at ease and by the end of that first clinic I could not believe the difference in myself and my horse. I did not want Brandi’s clinic to be over I wanted to learn more. Brandi is truly the best trainer and as a person there is none better! She is AWESOME!!!! The way that Brandi teaches makes it so easy and she actually spends the time with each student to make sure you understand and that you are doing it correctly and amazingly she really cares that everyone is getting what they expected out of her clinics. Everyone and every horse that participated is important, she goes above and beyond to make that happen. After this first clinic I was so excited, I signed up for her accelerated riding clinic which was over a period of about three months, you ride 3 days a week every other week and have practice homework at home. This was so awesome not only am I loping J all over the place but I learned things you can’t imagine. This clinic was so amazing and Brandi is so inspiring and down to earth, honest and such a special person!! I then signed up for her trick clinic, what a blast, taught my horse some exciting things and my favorite was for him to sit!! I cannot tell you how amazing Brandi is!! She is awesome and if you are looking for someone to help you she is the BEST!! You won’t believe the experience you will have at her clinics or one on one. There is not a problem she can’t help you or your horse with. She makes you feel totally comfortable and there are no dumb questions. Brandi has been such a blessing to me and also a forever friend. I have been on a horse and owned horsed for about 12 years and my current horse is 6. I am just now finally riding and with confidence and it is so much fun and I never thought I would ever be able to do the things that I am doing now!! Even some cow sorting!! LOL You will never be disappointed, only truly amazed by the things Brandi will show you and you and your horse will learn to do – there are no limits -!!”