I cannot thank Brandi enough for the impact she and her Certification program have made on my life. After working for a couple of horse trainers and not getting the knowledge and experience I desired, I decided to look into doing a Trainer Certification program. But who’s program should I choose?… I found there were lots of really good horse trainers and clinicians out there. After doing my research I was drawn to Brandi and her program the most. Brandi seemed less pretentious and more relatable in comparison to the others. After talking with her on the phone I was sold! Brandi was personable, understanding, and was open to taking students of all levels and disciplines.
Going through Brandi’s Cert program completely changed my life. The amount of knowledge gained as well as the hands-on experience with many different horses was absolutely incredible. Learning and understanding the Lyons’ Method from the ground up instilled a high degree of confidence that I could safely and effectively work with any kind of horse that crossed my path. The method makes sense and is extremely efficient while still focusing on the safety of the human and horse. Brandi’s care and compassion for both horse and student makes her an extremely effective teacher. She is easy to understand and beyond willing to go the extra mile in making sure her students reach their full potential. She always welcomed and answered the hundreds of questions that I came up with throughout the program and always seemed to amaze
me with her expertise.
I received the education I had been seeking (and more!) by going through Brandi’s program. The program allowed me to start my own business training horses (Beyond The Bit Horse Training) and further, set me up to be successful with my business. I live in a very small town where everything is spread by word of mouth… so I owe my great reputation as a horse trainer to Brandi and her Cert Program. Going through the program has led to my success in the horse industry.
Lindsey Patterson

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend two of Brandi’s Womens Retreats. The first was hosted at her Dad’s place in Colorado. I loved it not only because it was in a wonderful place, but because Brandi understands the feelings woman have and can explain things in ways that make sense to us. The week was filled with amazing accomplishments, fun, laughter, lasting friendships and memories.

The second was at Brandi’s home in Arizona. We had so much fun, learning was not tedious and the lessons learned were exciting and brought out the best in all of us. I enjoyed watching everyone improve and felt pride that I had improved so much too. The picnic ride into the desert was awesome event. Even when we weren’t riding we were sharing laughter and fun. The memories of these retreats will be life long and I would be very willing to do it again!”


“As a member of the ASU Western Equestrian Team, Brandi Lyons helped me reach my goal of competing at the IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) Nationals. With her guidance I was able to become better at both horsemanship and reining. I learned the reining fundamentals from Brandi and was able to be competitive in reining in IHSA. Her lessons were great and really increased my confidence riding wise. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Krista McNaughton

“I’ve been riding horses for just over a year and have been told 100 different things by 100 different people and have learned very little in the process. Until I went to Brandi’s trail riding clinic in Flagstaff. I learned more from her about my horse and about riding in 2 days than I’d learned in a year. She is very sensitive to how each rider is feeling and accommodates her lessons accordingly for each person. She knows when to push you out of your comfort zone and when to let you catch your breath. Before the clinic, I was thinking that maybe riding just wasn’t for me but by the time I left the clinic, I was re-energized and excited to ride again.”

Allison Wagner

“Sent my 6 year old quarterhorse mare to Brandi for 60 days of training. She more than exceeded my expectations. My horse lacked a little confidence and Brandi helped her find it when it came to loping and finding her leads. She worked on her reining, slide stop, leads, and her spin. Then she had to work on me. That was a challenge and big job alone. I am a barrel racer and learning something new and different was a challenge for me butt Brandi had patience while I was breaking old habits and learning new habits. My horse and I took in a lot of information. Wish I could of stayed for more training but AZ is just to hot in the summer. Thank you Brandi for everything.”

Samantha Hernandez

“Absolutely a life changing experience. The Accelerate Program has to be the best one on one relationship building events a person can accomplish between man and their horse. Brandi Lyons has to be one of the most meticulous trainers in the country with Safety being number one which goes a very long way throughout the program. Amazing results.

Thank you Brandi, you are a true champion in the field.”

Kevin and Jaleo (Leo)

“Brandi has been my friend and mentor for about three years. She has helped me overcome fears and has made me a much more confident rider. I am now starting the certification program at the end of September to share my good fortune with others under her direction. Thank you Brandi!”

Debbie Erlinger

“Brandi Lyons is amazing. I have had the experience of working with her in several different formats. Individual lessons, horse training, clinics and also her Accelerated Riding Program.

She is dedicated, demanding, and fun. Don’t get me wrong, she can and does work you until you want to cry and then takes pleasure in it!!

Above and beyond that she has without question helped me to a new place with myself and with my horse, Andy. I am forever grateful for where she has helped me get to with my boy and I know my boy thanks her too.”

Louise Shapiro and Andy

“So let me just start by saying that it doesn’t matter where you are at in your journey with your horse…..one day or 15 years, there is always more to learn. After buying several different horses over the years I finally bought a horse with decent training only to figure out that I had to understand how to ride that training. That is where Brandi came into the picture…I started taking lessons with her which really helped me in so many ways but it wasn’t until I signed up for her accelerated program that I realized that there really are no limits with your horse, only the ones that we place on ourselves. This program changed how I ride completely! I have learned so many different exercises to do with my horse that I no longer enter the arena aimlessly riding thinking ” I’m bored, what next.” This has changed my relationship with my horse in and out of the arena. Like many people I felt “safe” in the arena but out on the trail I felt nervous like I was riding as a passenger at his mercy! That has all changed, through Brandi’s program, not only do I have the skills to ride confidently in and out of the arena but my horse has become equally as confident. If your thinking to yourself….I don’t need to do this, think again! It will change everything!”

Shawna Exposito

“My name is Pam Brooks & I had the privilege of riding in several of Brandi’s clinics. I had been looking for someone to help me for a very long time. I had been to several other clinics with different trainers, watched many shows, ordered many training programs and also had many people/friends try to help me over the years. One of my biggest fears was to lope, I definitely had a confidence problem and was even thinking of not riding at all anymore which I have to tell you I LOVE MY HORSE so that would be unbelievable to any one who knows me. Most of the time I would find an excuse to do something else instead of ride because of the fear which is crazy because I am not a scared person and love to do all kinds of things. My husband actually contacted Brandi and talked to her because he knows how much I wanted to ride and be a confident rider I just somehow let fear get the best of me. We went and met with Brandi and talked and I decided to sign up for her performance clinic thinking that I really needed to give it a try! BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!!!!!! I was so very nervous, but after about the first hour or so of that first clinic I was having so much fun and feeling at ease and by the end of that first clinic I could not believe the difference in myself and my horse. I did not want Brandi’s clinic to be over I wanted to learn more. Brandi is truly the best trainer and as a person there is none better! She is AWESOME!!!! The way that Brandi teaches makes it so easy and she actually spends the time with each student to make sure you understand and that you are doing it correctly and amazingly she really cares that everyone is getting what they expected out of her clinics. Everyone and every horse that participated is important, she goes above and beyond to make that happen. After this first clinic I was so excited, I signed up for her accelerated riding clinic which was over a period of about three months, you ride 3 days a week every other week and have practice homework at home. This was so awesome not only am I loping J all over the place but I learned things you can’t imagine. This clinic was so amazing and Brandi is so inspiring and down to earth, honest and such a special person!! I then signed up for her trick clinic, what a blast, taught my horse some exciting things and my favorite was for him to sit!! I cannot tell you how amazing Brandi is!! She is awesome and if you are looking for someone to help you she is the BEST!! You won’t believe the experience you will have at her clinics or one on one. There is not a problem she can’t help you or your horse with. She makes you feel totally comfortable and there are no dumb questions. Brandi has been such a blessing to me and also a forever friend. I have been on a horse and owned horsed for about 12 years and my current horse is 6. I am just now finally riding and with confidence and it is so much fun and I never thought I would ever be able to do the things that I am doing now!! Even some cow sorting!! LOL You will never be disappointed, only truly amazed by the things Brandi will show you and you and your horse will learn to do – there are no limits -!!”

Pam Brooks

“Brandi is by far the best trainer that I have ever worked with. In 9 months I have learned more from her than I have learned from all other trainers over the past 8 years.

Brandi has an incredible amount of knowledge and an intuitive ability with horses. Many other trainers also have a lot of knowledge about horses. Where Brandi steps out ahead is with her understanding of people and her ability to communicate in a manner that is easy to understand. She not only explains what you need to do with your horse, she also explains why you need to do it. Brandi reads people very well. Within a clinic, not all participants are experiencing the same problems. Brandi quickly evaluates individual needs and provides direction for each individual’s improvement.

Brandi has a good work ethic and a commitment to solving problems. She expects the same of her students. There have been times when she has been demanding, but I am a better rider as a result.

Brandi’s method of teaching starts with small building blocks of horsemanship skills. Later, she will have you assemble the building blocks of what you have learned and all of a sudden you and your horse are accomplishing something you never thought was possible. Before working with Brandi, I was capable of doing flying lead changes but they were never pretty. Brandi showed me several steps for setting up the horse for the flying lead change. After a little practice, I was doing the most effortless and graceful flying lead changes ever.

Thank you Brandi!”

Craig Gorman

“My experience with Brandi Lyons has been phenomenal, a life changing event. I started training with Brandi at a time when I was questioning whether I was meant to continue riding horses. I did not know the proper steps to control my horse in a multitude of situations, and was frightened for my safety.

Brandi’s teaching has made an incredible amount of difference in my riding. She presents the proper techniques in an easy-to-understand manner, breaking down the steps and then putting them all together to accomplish fluid movement. My entire riding style has changed, including the way I sit my horse. I now have the tools to calm and control my horse when needed, and have gained confidence in my riding.

I am very excited to see how much improvement I will get under Brandi’s teaching and guidance. Who knows, maybe one day I will compete!”

Sarah Gorman

“Back in Dec. 2011 we rescued a quarter type Blood Bay mare. She was about 8-9 years old and was very difficult to handle. Right from the get go we had her delivered to Brandi Lyons for her reintroduction into society. She spent the next 3-4 months going through Brandi’s program. In May my wife Claudia started going over to Brandi’s to get acquainted with her. She spent several weeks riding her with Brandi. We got her back in Late May 2012. It was a very busy time for us so we handled her but did not get to riding her for 4-5 months after we got her home. After just a few times working with her and riding her she settled right down. Today this once very nervous and untrusting horse lets us freely handle her and Claudia loves to take her for rides. She trail rides with very little if any incidences.

We found the program with Brandi very rewarding and beneficial for both Tenille and Claudia. We highly recommend Brandi for both training and riding lessons. So much so we are looking forward to getting our two young grandkids into riding lessons with her this fall. They are 3 and 4 years old.”

Andre and Claudia Lugo

“My husband, Jerry, and I, along with our son, Hunter, discovered Brandi when we were searching for some training help for Hunter’s horse, Cheyenne. We owned several of her dad’s horse training DVD’s, so we were pretty excited to find that Brandi lived here in Phoenix. We contacted her in late Spring or early summer of 2012.

I was impressed immediately with her friendliness over the phone, but as the conversation went on, I was more impressed with her knowledge of horses! We’d only had our 3 horses for about 6 months, so I was feeling a bit intimidated by Brandi, but that feeling lasted as long as it took for me to ask my first “stupid” question (which was probably 3 minutes into the phone call). Brandi made it clear right away that “no question is ever stupid”! I was put at ease that quickly.

Another conversation that stands out to me happened when Brandi called us back after Cheyenne’s evaluation. She felt Cheyenne’s problems were certainly fixable, but she stressed that training Cheyenne was only half the battle. It was equally important that Hunter (and Jerry & I if we were going to ride her also) participate in her training 2-3 times per week. She said it would be a waste of our money to pay her to train Cheyenne if we didn’t know how to duplicate what she was doing when we got Cheyenne home. It made perfect sense to me.

We went through the entire training with Cheyenne and were pleased with the results. I’d also like to say that we really enjoyed Brandi the entire time. She is an upbeat, friendly, encouraging & attentive professional woman. She is also a great listener. Any time I’ve brought up a question or concern, she has understood what I’ve said and addressed it thoroughly. Personally, I would expect someone so well known in the horse world to maybe be a little “above it all”. But that’s not what you get with Brandi. You get her whole heart, for your horse, but also for you. She truly cares that you are happy with your horse and the training she is giving. She’s all about the connection you have with your horse. And she cares enough to be brutally honest if need be. I have heard her turn down training opportunities because she felt that the horse was not right for the owner and vice versa. I don’t see that kind of integrity often.

Brandi continues to train our horses. My horse, Beemer, & I have been in reining training since mid-summer 2012. We moved our horses to Thunder Mountain Ranch (her training facility) when it opened last September. Since then, my husband has also become Brandi’s client. This past weekend, for the first time by ourselves, we were able to take our horses out of town for a weekend trail ride. We now feel confident in our ability to control our horses in almost any circumstance, thus making our time in the saddle enjoyable for ourselves, but also for our horses.

One thing I always say about Brandi is that she has never given me advice or a suggestion for my horse that didn’t work. She knows her stuff. She figured out early on that I struggle with my confidence when it comes to riding, and she has been sensitive to that in my lessons. Always encouraging along with correction, always patient when I get overwhelmed or frustrated. And even on my worst days, she has something positive to send me home with. As a result, I’m much more confident on Beemer than I was 9 months ago. My husband’s confidence and skill have grown tremendously as well. To top it all off, Brandi had just finished training Naughty when my husband got an infection that prevented him riding for weeks. Without even telling us, Brandi continued to make sure that either she or her assistant, Emily, rode Naughty every day so that he wouldn’t forget what he had learned before my husband could ride again. No ulterior motive, just kindness, because that’s who she is.

Last but not least, it would be pretty unbelievable if I were to say that Brandi & I have never had a disagreement & she’s just perfect. Of course she’s not, nor am I. We’re all human. What’s important is not whether we’ve had differences or not. What’s important is the way in which& Brandi handles herself in these situations. She has the utmost respect and appreciation for her clients. She is willing to listen even if there’s some criticism involved. She gracefully accepts responsibility for herself where appropriate and adjusts accordingly. (I know very few people that are this humble!) I have had some “bad” days myself, after which, I’ve apologized to Brandi. I can tell you she is quick to forgive & forget!

Given all of the above that my husband and I have personally experienced with Brandi Lyons in the last 9 months or so, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a competent, ethical, compassionate, and professional horse trainer. As an added bonus, I count it a blessing to have gotten to know her!”

Stephanie G. Corbier

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Brandi Lyons for any aspect of horse training.

We met Brandi 10 years ago when my 5 year old daughter had fallen off her horse and became scared to ride. Brandi taught her how to have fun riding, built her confidence, and trained her to become a amazing rider who competes in Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Team Sorting, and was the Wickenburg Rodeo Queen in 2010. Brandi has since then broke and trained a 3 year old gelding for us and is currently training a two year old gelding for us that has severe emotional confidence issues. Brandi has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition and my whole family highly recommends her for training horses and riding lessons.”

Tammy Moebs

“I’ve been riding with Brandi for a year and a half, and I feel that she has helped me take my horsemanship to a whole different level. She is a great teacher, and is very easy to learn from. I strongly recommend her training methods to anyone who wants to improve their horsemanship.
As soon as you start riding with her, you’ll also find that you’ve made a new friend.”

Kent Story – Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed riding with Brandi and learning from her. She has taught me a lot, and has really helped me improve my horsemanship skills. She has a very special gift in her ability to teach you how to communicate with your horse. She makes it fun, easy to understand, and very rewarding when you get the results. So whether you are a beginner needing to improve your confidence to just go down the trail, or an advanced rider who really wants to learn to control every inch of your horse, for performance, pleasure, or competition, Brandi has something to teach you. I always look forward to spending many more hours on my horse with her.”

Janice Story – Phoenix, AZ